Saturday, August 22, 2009

Build A Bear Workshop

Ok, I never thought I would be posting pictures of my mom and dad making bears at Build A Bear workshop, but the day has come! This morning we met Shelley for breakfast and went to see her apartment. Then since she had to go to work so mom, dad and I went to a outdoor shopping center and looked around for a little bit. When we come to the Build A Bear and started looking both mom and dad decided to make one for themselves. It was funny to watch the whole process! :)
Hear they are picking out outfits for their bears

Mom stuffing her bear

Dad stuffing his bear

Notice the 2 other guys in the back of dad also stuffing bears. It was funny to watch them all together!
giving the bears a "bath"
All dressed. Dad made a Broncoes bear and mom's is a cute little girl
Naming them Missy and Skippy
What a fun visit!
And this is just an added bonus~ a video of dad making a wish with his heart for the bear. I think he was a real trooper, and had fun (even if he won't admit it).


Kim Neyer said...

Haha. I love that store. I made a bunny for Eric once - it was an inside joke. I want to take Micah to Build a Bear when he's older.

LotsaHeartElephant said...

That is a cute thing, I mean, i'm 23 and I love going to Build-a-Bear Workshop :)